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There used to be an employee at the company where I currently work. He was on the same team as me, but he left before I got there. I’m not sure, I may have been his replacement. Anyway, my coworkers at the time had worked with him. They told me when he left, they found a “Captain’s Log” on his computer. There were apparently a lot of entries in it about certain coworkers trying to “sabotage” him, usually when a project wasn’t going well for him. There was more to it than just that. The way it sounded, it kind of reminded me of the space crazy episode of Ren and Stimpy.

So, I was sitting around here on vacation when I thought about the “Captain’s Log”. I decided the crazy bastard may have been on to something and so, I’m starting my own. I’m mainly writing here to document my projects, mostly for my own future reference, but I also hope someone else finds something useful in a time of need. I think my old friends/classmates/family aren’t really interested in my “projects”, so this will also help to spare them from having to read about them on Facebook.

Slowly, I hope to improve the way the site presents. Right now, it’s just the default 2021 theme and whatever bare essentials I need to write posts. Maintaining this site isn’t my top priority, so that will go a little slow.

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