This is where I document all of my projects. My wife is from Russia, so the name of the site is the Russian way of spelling my name: Warren = уоррен. It has the added advantage of not meaning anything and so being of no interest to domain squatters.

I’ve had a long, varied career, so this site will have an electric mix of stuff. I’ve worked writing server code for FreeBSD, writing applications for the PalmOS platform, worked on web applications in PHP, Perl, Java and NodeJS, using MySQL, Oracle and PostGres, worked on custom network security appliances, worked on dark projects at Cerner involving two-way video communication in IC units over Citrix. Currently, I’m working on firmware for industrial monitoring and agriculture automation devices.

I took a couple of semesters of a computer programming course at the local Vo-Tech. They taught us BASIC on a CP/M machine, but I was already way past that class, having taught myself assembly on an Atari 400 when I was 15 or so. I dropped out 1/2 way into my second year. A few years later, I wandered into College. I double-majored in philosophy and mathematics. Mathematically, I calculated it was too expensive and philosophically, I determined it didn’t matter anyway, so I quit halfway into my third semester. I’ve always preferred learning on my own, I guess.